Game Never Saw

Matki Fod

Matki fod is amazing two team competitions where a matki made of metal is hang on the brunch of the tree by a sting in this game member of 1 team is blind folder & he suppose to follow the instruction of his own team to bang a stick(provided by us) with metal matki but opponent team members will keep on confusing him by giving wrong direction. So wining team is calculating on the basis of targeting a matki in no or time.

Hanging Bucket

Set of three bucket are hange in a metal stand participants can throw lite plastic ball into the bucket.Wherever throw more ball in set time be declared winner.

Frizz Bee

we have modified the way freeze being played we have made big rings on seven footer poles so player can throw the frizz bee throw the ring to the player on other side it will increase the concentration of the player.

Small Pole For Ring

Set of five dash stick steep pole different size have been elected, player frome a set distance have to throw the ring into the poles more ring with less time will decide the winner.

Single Pole Tennis

It is played with 2 rackets ball hanging in rope on the pole is like practicing tennis.

Mud Lep

Mud Lep is a natural beauty care and relaxation activity.