Matka Paintings

We provide Matka & colors to children for decorating the Matka. Children enjoy playing with colors. This game enhances their creative spirit as they try to make new designs as per their wish, on the Matka.

3 Leg Race*

Long scarves of fabric are used for tying legs of a pair of 2 children in such a way that both will have one leg free from the scarf. This way, each pair will have three legs instead of four. The pair that crosses the finish line first, is the winner of the game!

Drawing Making*

We will be providing sheet and colours to the participating children so that they are introduced with their innovative side!

Sack Race*

The sack race is a competitive game in which participants place both of their legs inside a sack case which reaches till their waist.Because they are in the sack, they won’t be able to walk and that is why they have to jump and move forward. The one who reaches the finish line first is the winner of the game.

Treasure Hunt*

A Treasure hunt is one of many different types of game which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, location or place by using a series of clues. If you find the hidden objects you will win (This is arrange on request).

Lemon Race

In this game, children have to hold a spoon with lemon residing over it, in their mouth. It is a group competition like a simple race only. The one who reaches the finish line first, without dropping the lemon, wins the game.

Tug Of War

Suitable for all the age groups, the hanging rope climbing is a fun and adventurous game. This activity gives the climbers an opportunity to fulfill their own challenge and assist each other when the level gets tough. This game lightens up unity and team spirit within all the players as the goal can not be accomplished unless or until they work together.