Water Ride

Singh Dwar

Beautifully crafted; Mur.Lions gushing water from their mouth; standing tall on the both sides of the entry gate; will give you the ambiance of protection. Whilst you are enjoying in the play area with your family, they will be guarding you. Mark our words, this is what you’ll be feeling.


Made of seven rings in seven rainbow colors, creates soothing mist in 18 feet long passage. Entire passage holds 2 to 3 inches of water so that people who enter water body area experience a very cool and rejoicing welcome.


It is a type of water slide where riders enter into a round bowl with fast speed and circulate in the inner high-extremes of the bowl area. During this slide, all the feelings high speed will revolve around you and you will definitely feel the adrenaline rush.

Black Thrill

A 32” aqua tube will surely make your intestines feel the nerves of high speed, translucent body flume.


In terms of stats, it is a 54” body giant slide- 270, 180 and 90 degree turner which is set on sleek supports! This ride makes the riders inquisitive as they’ll keep on guessing what’s next! Also, the intensive acceleration is an addition to the thrills and surprises.

Romeo Juliet

The combination of water and air is exaggerated at the maximum level. This insane slide will take you through rapid speed as you make your way down.


Because all the children can enjoy together, this complex ride has become the most popular among kids.

Mini Aqua Rides

The mini aqua tubes are translucent rides where adults and children both can enjoy hastening rides. These rides are for bold, strong, daring and brave hearts. That is why they have been designed very carefully and spaciously so that the adults can accompany their children in the world of excitement. Also, adults who do not want to go through the high angles and altitudes can take these rides to enjoy the thrill and fun!


One does not need a very extreme heart to enjoy. Be thrilled in your own comfort zone. The cherry on the cake is that you can get this fun via different rides too like “Dark Hole”, “Straight Fall”, “Bullet”, “Zig Zag”, “Kangaroo”, “Spiral Slide”, “Monster” and “Together”.

Surffer Paradise

If you do not live on the coasts of water or near the beaches then that is no big deal! Enjoy the beach side clear water view and the waves hitting high again and again. This is no less than an experience at a sea shore side. So, enter the paradise of the coot blue water.


This is a platform like rain-dance. It is designed for the young kids specially. With the help of mist-making machines, the entire area is occupied by mist. So, put off your shoes, hit the floor, dance and chill out.

Dark Hole

It's an adventurous water ride at the pool side. Inside, it's disguised as a tunnel. One slides through this tunnel in an accelerating speed and enters the pool with a bang! The speed & splash of this ride makes it even more thrilling.

Zig Zag

This water ride is shaped in a zig-zag form. A person gets swiped all through the zig-zag way in a high speed and ends up in the pool with a falling splash! The zig zag motion, speed and the sudden bang in the pool, makes this slide very exciting.

Child Godzilla

This one resembles the dark hole. The difference between the two is the variation in size, speed, and the inside darkness of the tunnel. All these factors are implemented on a very lower scale in this slide, as it's target audience covers the little children only.

Wave Pool

One does not need a very extreme heart to enjoy. Be thrilled in your own comfort zone. The cherry on the cake is that you can get this fun via different rides too like “Dark Hole”, “Straight Fall”, “Bullet”, “Zig Zag”, “Kangaroo”, “Spiral Slide”, “Monster” and “Together”.

Space Balls

A person goes all through it in a mixed & matched way. What makes it so thrilling is the fact that at the end, splashes into the pool in a nano second with a bang!


It’s a swiping slide. It’s known as a bullet, because like a bullet, it swipes you in a flash of a second. Kids find it very thrilling because they relate to it very well as this kind of slide is usually found in almost every playground.